Spiti Photo Journey

Spiti Valley Photography Workshop

Capture the imposing mountains, restless rivers and nothingness of the desert mountain region of “The Middle Land” – the land between Tibet and India!

Join the Photography Onthemove team to absorb the simplicity of the culture, camp at lonely unexplored villages and traverse through some of the highest motorable roads in the world.

Make Spiti your story this July.

Guided by an instructor, get a comprehensive understanding of SLR photography through class-room sessions, field exercises & a detailed review. The endeavour is to leave you absolutely confident with basics of capturing light, composition, framing and give you access to photograph one of the most enigmatic topographies of the world! You can also sign up for an advanced learning in HDR/ Time Lapses/ Flash Use and more!

Day 1 – We meander into the mountains from Delhi in a train to settle into a wonderful homestay at the base of the foothills of the Himalayas. Be greeted by the panoramic view of the Western Himalayas, a pleasant beginning to the changing topography that you are going to witness over the next ten days. Himachal throws some astounding and diverse scenery at you with Kinnaur and Spiti Valleys, a stark contrast to where we start.

Day 2 – We drive along the restless Sutlej and Bapsa rivers as the Kinnaur Valley changes its colours. Apple orchards spread close to home as we settle into luxury Swiss style tents and ease ourselves into the vastness of the Valley.

Day 3 – This day, we take it easy before we hit the higher altitude. Take a walk in the village and practice your photography skills with our instructor.

Day 4 – As we enter our third village this day, the topography changes substantially – enormous mountains of Lahaul and Spiti Valley seem much closer now.

Day 5 – It’s off to one of the oldest monasteries of the region. This was built in 996 A.D and still has most of its original interiors intact. We find ourselves at an altitude of almost 10000 feet by the banks of Spiti Valley.

Day 6 – On this day we are off to the monasteries of Ki and Kibber! Enjoy the high altitude of over 14500 feet before you start trekking down through the fabulous villages of Spiti.

Day 7 – We get lost in the views of the mountain ranges of Choco Khang Nilda resiliently standing against the cold windy weather. Village homes provide us warm bon fires and beds for the night.

Day 8 – Time to tread to the highest point of the journey – 15500 feet. Locals lead us on this mildly difficult hike through more villages.

Day 9 –  A days rest to your feet as we experience a Yak safari  through some stunning landscapes. Hope for an invitation for some Chhang (local beer) in a village home.

Day 10 – Today you encounter minimal plant life – only some wild flowers along the tributaries of Spiti. We make a stop at Dhankar to see the monastery and then spend the night in an adjoining village.

Day 11- After a much deserved rest, it’s time to avoid Manali and head straight to one of the smaller villages where we spend the last day before taking a night Volvo to Delhi.

Quick Info –

Level – Beginners/Advanced/Photo Trip Only

Travel – Road/ Hike

Date – 14nd to 22nd July 2012

No of Days – 11

Workshop Cost (11 Days) – Will be updated soon

Only Photo Tour Cost (11 Days) – Will be updated soon

Cost Includes – Accommodation, Food, Internal Travel & the Workshop if opted for.


For further details and planning, get in touch with Supriya on Supriya@getoffurass.com